Babak Geranfar, بابک گرانفر

5 years of work in Sales and Finance with both Governmental and Non-Govermental media companies:

Iranian Short Film Association - International Affairs Advisor
Soureh Cinema Organization ("A Cube Of Sugar" by Reza Mirkarimi, "Don`t Be Tired" Afshin Hashemi & Mohsen Gharaei) - Cyber Media Exec.
IRIB Media Trade (Documentary Section) - Sales Rep.
Farabi Cinema Foundation ("Che" by Ebrahim HatamiKia) - Marketing Exec.
Road Film ("What time is it in your world?" by Safi Yazdanian) - Associate Producer.
Fadak Film ("Absolute Rest" by Reza Kahani) - Associate Producer.
Film-Negasht ("Loot`s Journey" by Farhad Varahram) - Producer.

Chief Editor- Film Studies Series
Cheshmeh Publishers
2004 – 2007 (3 years)
3 years of work to publish a series of 10 books in film studies. beginning from the selection of the books and translators until the end of publishing process.بابک-گرانفر.html

You can also watch his films under the Experimental Shorts section of his website.

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