About Us

Founded in February 2012, Deleuzecinema.com was initiated to provide a focused hub for research into Deleuze and cinema. The editorial collective felt that this resource would be of interest and assistance to scholars worldwide due to the widespread proliferation of research into Deleuze and cinema, television, computer games and other forms of new media, and visual culture more generally.

Our aims are:

  • To provide a focused and refined research resource for people interested in Deleuze and cinema, a database that concentrates on this particular assemblage of interests specifically, amidst the broader field of work on Deleuze, and Deleuze and Guattari.
  • To increase awareness of the international community of scholars working on Deleuze and cinema, and to facilitate correspondence, networking and collaboration amongst interested parties.
  • To provide a standing database to which content can be continually added, of the rapidly expanding body of work on Deleuze and cinema (books, anthologies, articles, films, websites, etc). This database is a primary function of the site, in order to ensure that knowledge of new developments in an area which has been growing since at least the early 1990s are accessible to scholars around the world.
  • To enable ongoing discussion of the meaning and implication of the Deleuzian (and Deleuze and Guattarian) concepts that apply to cinema, or that are being applied to cinema.
  • To disseminate information of news and events pertaining to Deleuze and cinema.

  • We rely upon registered users to contribute content, either to their own profile, or by entering into discussion, or posting information about news and events.

    The primary language of the site is English, but we are equally happy to see discussion or information posted in other languages.