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Title Author Name
"Watch out! Recollection": the spectre of impossibility in Kaneto Shindo's Children of the Atom Bomb Deamer, David
(2014) ‘The Creative Evolution and Crystallisation of the ‘Bastard line’: Drifting from the Rive Gauche into Suzhou River’ David H. Fleming
4 Deleuzes (or, Afterthoughts on “Cinema, chronos / cronos: becoming an accomplice to the impasse of history”)' Deamer, David
A Deleuzian Cineosis: Cinematic Semiosis and Syntheses of Time David Deamer
A Nonhuman Eye: Deleuze on Cinema Trifonova, Temenuga
ACCESS DENIED: Godard Palestine Representation Niessen, Niels
After New Latin American Cinema Paul A. Schroeder Rodriguez
An Elegy for Theory Rodowick, D.N.
Animation and Alienation: Bergson’s Critique of the Cinématographe and the Paradox of Mechanical Motion Gunning, Tom
Another Deleuzian Resnais: L'Anne dernire Marienbad (1961) as conflict between sadism and masochism Reader, Keith
Antecedentes perdidos en los estudios sobre cine en Argentina. Teo de Leon Margaritt, linternas mágicas, fantasmagorías y una historia que no se escribió Ciancio, María Belén
Antichrist - Chaos Reigns: the event of violence and the haptic image in Lars von Trier’s film Thomsen, Bodil Marie Stavning
Archival Landscapes and a Non-Anthropocentric 'Universe Memory' in Nostalgia de la luz/Nostalgia for the Light (2010) Martin-Jones, David
As You Desire Me: Reading 'The Divine Garbo' through Movement, Silence and the Sublime Szaloky, Melinda
Auteur desire Dana Polan
Becoming-minor in a sustainable Europe: the contemporary European art film and Aki Kaurismäki's Le Havre Rascaroli, Laura
Becoming-woman by Breaking the Waves Nigianni, Chrysanthi
Beyond Representation: 'I Could Read the Sky and Irish Cinema' O'Rawe, Des
Beyond the (trans)national: towards a cinema of transvergence in postcolonial and francophone cinema(s) Higbee, William
Beyond the Human Body: Claire Denis’s Ecologies McMahon, Laura
Bodies, Gestus, Becoming: Cinema as a Technology of Gender and (Post)memory Ciancio, Belén
Body transformations in the films of Claire Denis: from ritual to play Rio, Elena del
Branded city living: Taipei becoming-Paris in Yi ye Taibei/Au Revoir Taipei (2010) Martin-Jones, David
Capitalism as Creative Destruction: The Representation of the Economic Crisis in Hito Steyerl's Free Fall. Magnagnoli, Paolo
Charcoal Matter with Memory: Images of Movement, Time and Memory in William Kentridge’s “Charcoal Drawings for Projection" David H. Fleming
Cinema 3 Yau, Ka-Fai
Cinematic Bodies: The blind spot in Contemporary French Theory on Corporeal Cinema Game, Jrme
Classic Adaptations, Modern Reinventions: Reading the Image in the Contemporary Literary Film Vidal, Belen
Classroom Video Data and the Time-Image: An-Archiving the Student Body de Freitas, Elizabeth
Control and Cinema: Intolerable Poverty and the Films of Bela Tarr Roberts, Phillip
Deleuze and Chinese Cinemas (editorial) Martin-Jones, David & Fleming, David H.
Deleuze and Hitchcock: Schizoanalysis and The Birds Buchanan, Ian
Deleuze and the Internet Buchanan, Ian
Deleuze, the ‘(Si)neo-realist’ Break and the Emergence of Chinese Any-now(here)-spaces Fleming, David H.
Entre films, trance y filosofia: Gilles Deleuze y el Nuevo Cine Latinoamericano Ciancio, Belen
Feeling Time: Deleuze's Time-Image and Aesthetic Effect Ashton, Dyrk
Figuring the global: on Charlie Kaufman’s Synecdoche, New York Evans, Joel
Flashforward: The Future is Now Pisters, Patricia
Gilles Deleuze's ideas on non-Euclidean narrative: a step towards fractal narrative German A. Duarte
Green Garbage Bins of Gilles Deleuze Moullet, Luc
Iconoclasm of Gilles Deleuze? Suzanne Hême de Lacotte
Information, secrets, and enigmas Marks, Laura U.
Inverted identification: Bergson and phenomenology in Deleuze's cinema books Hagin, Boaz
Jack the Ripper’s Bodies–without–Organs: Affect and Psychogeography under the Scalpel in From Hell Powell, Anna
Jia Zhangke's Still LIfe: Destruction as Intercession Erik Bordeleau
Kim Ki-duk’s Aporia: The Face and Hospitality (on 3-Iron) Steve Choe
Labyrinth of Time in Wong Kar-Wai’s In the Mood for Love and 2046 Front, Sonia
Labyrinths and Lines of Memory in Documentary Film Ciancio, María Belén
Landscapes of Expression: Affective Encounters in South Indian Cinema Pandian, Anand
Lars von Trier, Dogville, and the Hodological Space of Cinema Laine, Tarja
Layering Images, Thwarting Fables: Deleuze, Ranciere and the Allegories of Cinema Zarzosa, Augustin
Lives Aquatic: Mediterranean Cinema and an Ethics of Underwater Existence Past, Elena
Memories of the Unlived Body: Jean-Louis Schefer, Georges Bataille and Gilles Deleuze ffrench, Patrick
Mental Landscapes: Bazin, Deleuze and Neorealism (Then and Now) Horton, Justin
Miraculous Realism: Spinoza, Deleuze, and Carlos Reygadas's "Stellet Licht" Niels Niessen
Mohamed Soueid’s cinema of immanence Marks, Laura U.
Movement! Action! Belief? Bernstein, J.M
Museums of Memory: The Recovery of Lost (National) Histories in the Uruguayan Documentaries Al pie del árbol blanco and El círculo Martin-Jones, David and Maria Soledad Montañez
Of Windows and Country Walks: Frames of Space and Movement in 1990s Austen Adaptations Pidduck, Julianne
Out of the Ghetto: Queerness, Homosexual Desire and the Time-Image Pendleton, D.
Passions and Actions: Deleuze's Cinematographic Cognito Rushton, Richard
Ranciere, Deleuze and contemporary film aesthetics Chesney, Duncan McColl
Rape and the Rectum: Bersani, Deleuze, Noé Brinkema, Eugenie
Reading Docufiction: Jia Zhangke’s 24 City Deppman, Hsui-Chuang
Reel Time: Ethnography and the Historical Ontology of the Cinematic Image Pandian, Anand
Religion, Politics and the Earth: The New Materialism Jason Wakefield
Remembering the body: Deleuze's recollection-image, and the spectacle of physical memory in Yip Man/Ip Man (2008) Martin-Jones, David
Samuel Fuller's Schizo-violent Cinema and the Affective Politics of War Del Rio, Elena
Secrets and revelations: Off-screen space in Michael Haneke's Cach (2005) Saxton, Libby
Synaptic Signals: Time Traveling Through the Brain in the Neuro-Image Pisters, Patricia
The architectural cinematicity of Wang Shu and the architectonic cinema of Jia Zhangke: Diagrammatically decomposing the 'main melody' in monu-mental assemblage art David H. Fleming
The bambino negato or missing child of contemporary Italian cinema Sutton, Paul
The deterritorialised Muslim convert in Post-Communist Eastern European Cinema Ewa Mazierska, Lars Kristensen, Eva Näripea
The Evidence of Film and the Presence of the World: Jean-Luc Nancy's Cinematic Ontology Früchtl, Josef
The long take and the time image in recent `Chinese' cinemas: Realism reconsidered Chesney, Duncan
The Maison and Its Minor: Lumiere(s), Film History, and the Early Archive Groo, Katherine
The Method Meets Animation: on performative affect and digital bodies in Aronofsky’s ‘performance diptych David H. Fleming
The Modern Political Cinema: From Third Cinema to Contemporary Networked Biopolitics Matthew Holtmeier
The Modern Political Cinema: From Third Cinema to Contemporary Networked Biopolitics Matthew Holtmeier
The Molecular Poetics of Before Night Falls Rizzo, Teresa
The Open Image: Poetic Realism and the New Iranian Cinema Chaudhuri, Shohini and Finn, Howard
The philosophical war: Beyond the Cartesian subject in Alain Resnais's La Guerre est finie (1966) Vaughan, Hunter
The Theater of History: Carnivàle, Deleuze, and the Possibility of New Beginnings Beckman, Frida
The Time of Anthropology Pandian, Anand
The Wanderings of Jia Zhangke: Pre-Hodological Space and Aimless Youths in Xiao Wu and Unknown Pleasures Matthew Holtmeier
Time of Death: Deleuze and the Short Film Stone, Rob
Toward an Anarchist Film Theory: Reflections on the Politics of Cinema Jun, Nathan
Towards a minor cinema: a Deleuzian reflection on Chahine’s Alexandria Why? (1978) Wisam Kh, Abdul-Jabbar
Transnational imagination in action cinema: Hong Kong and the making of a global popular culture Morris, Meaghan
Truth after Cinema: The explosion of facts in the documentary films of Jia Zhangke Rugo, Daniele
Unethical Morality in 'Documenting' Terrorism David H. Fleming
Unthinkable Sex: Conceptual Personae and the Time-Image Rodowick, D.N.
Why He Really Doesn’t Get Her: Deleuze’s Whatever-Space and the Crisis of the Male Quest Niels Niessen
Women on the Move: The Politics of Walking in Agnès Varda Asli Ozgen-Tuncer
Wrong turns: Radical spaces in the road movies of Tony Gatlif Holohan, Conn
“Why did you have to turn on the machine?”: The Spirals of Time-Travel Romance Bruckner, René Thoreau