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Book Chapters

Title Author
The Film History of Thought Kovács, András Bálint
The Fold Goddard, Michael
The Image of Thought: Art or Philosophy, or Beyond? Bellour, Raymond
The Imagination of Immanence: An Ethics of Cinema Canning, Peter
The Landscape of Sensation Bogue, Ronald
The Memory of Resistance Rodowick, D.N.
The Rebirth of the World: Cinema According to Baz Luhrmann Rushton, Richard
The Refusal of Reproduction : Paradoxes of Becoming - Woman in Transnational Moroccan Filmmaking. Pisters, Patricia
The Roots of the Nomadic: Gilles Deleuze and the Cinema of West Africa Andrew, Dudley
The Schizoanalysis of European Surveillance Films Pekerman, Serazer
The Spiritual Dimension of the Brain as Screen: Zigzagging from Cosmos to Earth (and Back). Pisters, Patricia
The Strategist and the Stratigrapher Conley, Tom
The Surface of the Object: Quasi-Interfaces and Immanent Virtuality Jeong, Seung-hoon
The Time-Image Lechte, John
The Unauthorized Auteur Today Andrew, Dudley
The World, Time Rodowick, D.N.
There are as many paths to the time-image as there are films in the world: Deleuze and The Lizard Brown, William
Time @ Cinema's Future: New Media Art and the Thought of Temporality Murray, Timothy
Time travel and temporal paradox: Deleuze, the time-image and Russian Ark Deamer, David
Time-Images in Traces of Love: Repackaging South Korea's Traumatic National History for Tourism Martin-Jones, David
To Choose to Choose - to Believe in This World Bogue, Ronald
Une pensée du cerveau Bellour, Raymond
Unthinkable Sex Rodowick, D.N.
Violence and laughter: paradoxes of nomadic thought in postcolonial cinema. Pisters, Patricia
Word, Image and Sound: The Non-Representational Semiotics of Gilles Deleuze Bogue, Ronald
Wrenching Departures: Mortality and Absurdity in Avant-Garde Film Sterritt, David