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Title Author
Afterimages of Gilles Deleuze's Film Philosophy Rodowick, D.N., Editor
Andrew Lau and Alan Mak's Infernal Affairs - The Trilogy Marchetti, Gina
Art as Abstract Machine: Ontology and Aesthetics in Deleuze and Guattari Zepke, Stephen
Atlas of Emotion: Journeys in Art, Architecture, and Film Bruno, Giuliana
Atomic Light (Shadow Optics) Lippit, Akira Mizuta
Beckett, Deleuze and the Televisual Event: Peephole Art Gardner, Colin
Between Film and Screen Stewart, Garrett
Bollywood in the Age of New Media Basu, Anustup
Bollywood: Sociology Goes to the Movies Dudrah, Rajinder
Chris Marker: La Jetee Harbord, Janet
Cinema 1: The Movement-Image / Cinéma 1: L'image-mouvement Deleuze, Gilles
Cinema 2: The Time-Image / Cinéma 2: L’Image-temps Deleuze, Gilles
Cinema after Deleuze Rushton, Richard
Cinema and Counter-History Landy, Marcia
Cinema and Sensation: French Film and the Art of Transgression Beugnet, Martine
Cinema Approaching Reality: Locating Chinese Film Theory Fan, Victor
Cinema, Memory, Modernity: The Representation of Memory from the Art Film to Transnational Cinema Kilbourn, Russell, J.A.
Cinema: Journal of Philosophy and the Moving Image - Special Issue Viegas, Susana (ed)
Cinematic Folds Elavia, Firoza
Cinematic Geopolitics Shapiro, Michael J.
Cinematic Interfaces: Film Theory after New Media Jeong, Seung-hoon
Cinematic Thinking: Philosophical Approaches to the New Cinema James Philips, ed.
Cinematic Uses of the Past Landy, Marcia
Cinesexuality MacCormack, Patricia
Death of Classical Cinema: Hitchcock, Lang, Minelli McElhaney, Joe
Deleuze and Cinema: The Aesthetics of Sensation Kennedy, Barbara
Deleuze and Cinema: The Film Concepts Colman, Felicity
Deleuze and Film Martin-Jones, David and Brown, William
Deleuze and Film Music: Building a Methodological Bridge Between Film Theory and Music Redner, Gregg
Deleuze and Film: A Feminist Introduction Rizzo, Teresa
Deleuze and Horror Film Powell, Anna
Deleuze and the Cinemas of Performance: Powers of Affection Del Río, Elena
Deleuze and the Genesis of Representation Joe Hughes
Deleuze and the Schizoanalysis of Cinema Buchanan, Ian and MacCormack, Patricia
Deleuze and World Cinemas Martin-Jones, David
Deleuze au Cinema Cardinal, Serge
Deleuze e i concetti del cinema Angelucci, Daniela
Deleuze on Cinema Bogue, Ronald
Deleuze Reframed A Guide for the Arts Student Sutton, Damian, and David Martin-Jones
Deleuze vai ao cinema Mostafa, Solange Puntel; Cruz, Denise Viuniski da Nova
Deleuze's Cinema Books: Three Introductions to the Taxonomy of Images Deamer, David
Deleuze's Way: Essays in Transverse Ethics and Aesthetics Bogue, Ronald
Deleuze, Altered States and Film Powell, Anna
Deleuze, Cinema and National Identity: Narrative Time in National Contexts Martin-Jones, David
Deleuze, Japanese Cinema and the Atom Bomb: The Spectre of Impossibility Deamer, David
Deleuze, philosophie et cinema Montebello, Pierre
Deleuze: philosophie et cinema Heme de Lacotte, Suzanna
Der Film bei Deleuze/Le cinema selon Deleuze Fahle, Oliver, Engell, Lorenz (eds)
Digital Baroque: New Media Art and Cinematic Folds Murray, Timothy
Documentary Time: Film and Phenomenology Wahlberg, Malin
Dreams of Difference, Songs of the Same: the Musical Moment in Film Herzog, Amy
Ecologies of the Moving Image: Cinema, Affect, Nature Ivakhiv, Adrian
Enfoldment and Infinity: An Islamic Genealogy of New Media Art Marks, Laura U.
Film Consciousness: From Phenomenology to Deleuze Shaw, Spencer
Film Fables Ranciere, Jacques
Film Theory: An Introduction Stam, Robert
Film Theory: An Introduction Through the Senses Elsaesser, Thomas
Filmosophy Frampton, Daniel
Framed Time Stewart, Garrett
Funny Frames: The Filmic Concepts of Michael Haneke Speck, Oliver C.
Gaming: Essays on Algorithmic Culture Galloway, Alexander R.
Gilles Deleuze Colebrook, Claire
Gilles Deleuze and the Ruin of Representation Olkowski, Dorothea
Gilles Deleuze et les images Dosse, François et Jean-Michel Frodon
Gilles Deleuze's Time Machine Rodowick, D.N.
Gilles Deleuze: Cinema and Philosophy Marrati-Guénoun, Paola
Gilles Deleuze: Image and Text Holland, Eugene W., Smith, Daniel W., and Stivale, Charles J.
Gilles Deleuze: voir, parler, penser au risque du cinema Zabunyan, Dork
Hollywood Remakes, Deleuze and the Grandfather Paradox Varndell, Daniel
Hong Kong Abbas, Ackbar
Iranian Cinema and Philosophy Farhang Erfani
Joseph Losey Gardner, Colin
Les Cinemas de Gilles Deleuze Zabunyan, Dork
Lessen van Hitchcock: een inleiding in mediatheorie. Pisters, Patricia
Levinas and the Cinema of Redemption: Time, Ethics and the Feminine Girgus, Sam B.
L’analyse de film avec Deleuze Esquenazi, Jean-Pierre
Mapping the Moving Image Valiaho, Pasi
Melancholy Drift: Marking Time in Chinese Cinema Ma, Jean
Memory and Survival: The French Cinema of Krzysztof Kieslowski Wilson, Emma
Micropolitics of Media Culture: Reading the Rhizomes of Deleuze and Guattari Pisters, Patricia and Catherine M. Lord, Editors
New Argentine Cinema Andermann, Jens
New Philosophies of Film: Thinking Images Sinnerbrink, Robert
Other Worlds: New Argentine Film Aguilar, Gonzalo
Photography, Cinema, Memory: The Crystal Image of Time Sutton, Damian
Polygraph 14: Media and Spatiality in Deleuze and Guattari Janelle Blankenship (ed.)
Quebec National Cinema Marshall, Bill
Reading the Figural, or, Philosophy after the New Media. Rodowick, D.N.
Refractions of Reality: Philosophy and the Moving Image Mullarkey, John
Rhizomes Special Issue: Deleuze and Photography Ed. Michael Kramp
Schizoanalysis and Visual Culture Roberts, Phillip and Rushton, Richard
Selfless Cinema? Ethics and French Documentary Cooper, Sarah
Special Affects: Cinema, Animation and the Translation of Consumer Culture Jenkins, Eric S.
Studying Contemporary American Film Elsaesser, Thomas & Buckland, Warren
Temporality and Film Analysis Mroz, Matilda
The Brain is the Screen: Deleuze and the Philosophy of Cinema Flaxman, Gregory, Editor
The Cinematic Body Shaviro, Steven
The Counter-Cinema of the Berlin School Abel, Marco
The Desiring-Image: Gilles Deleuze and Contemporary Queer Cinema Davis, Nick
The Evolution of Film: rethinking film studies Harbord, Janet
The Hollywood Historical Film Burgoyne, Robert