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How To provides a single location in which it is possible to search for references to published work on specific topics that interest users. The site functions in the manner of a wiki, in that users are responsible for contributing data. The only way to chart the massive continuing proliferation of Deleuzian work on cinema (et al) is to open this task to the international scholarly community.


  • There are two actions you must complete to register:
    1. Register by clicking 'create new account' under the user login on the right sidebar.
    2. Use the contact form on the menu to send a brief e-mail to the editors. Please include the user name you registered with and your interest in Deleuze (so the editors can identify spam).
  • Permissions may take about 48 hours to action.

Adding Content:

  • Click 'add content' on the right sidebar. Choose what type of content you wish to add, and fill out the available fields with as much detail as possible.
  • The way in which content is added influences how well it can be searched by users.
    Typically users use keyword searches when seeking to find out what is already written on certain topics, such as, for example, “impulse-image” or “Hitchcock”. Keywords may be added to any section of the entry, ideally in the abstract or description of the content itself.
  • When entering titles please do not add scare quotes of any kind (whether “ “ or ‘ ‘) as these impact upon the way articles are listed alphabetically.


  • A simple search may be performed using the search field on top of the right sidebar. Key words, concepts, and author names are useful search commands.
  • If you wish to specify your search, click 'advanced search' after performing a simple search. From here you may specify what type of content you are looking for, as well as use more precise search phrases.

    Editing Content:

  • When on a page of content, users with access to edit content will see an 'edit' button right below the title of the content. Click edit and make the desired changes.
  • Note: while all users will be able to edit content that have added, special access is required to edit content created by users other than yourself. If you wish to contribute more information on articles already in the database, for example, please specify this when requesting permissions.

    Please remember to log out when you are done working with The 'log out' button can be found on the very bottom of the page.

    If there is anything else you would like to see on this page, please make a request using the contact form on the menu.

    The editors reserve the right to remove defamatory or inaccurate content.