Deleuze and the Filmic Diagram

This article aims to consider how the ‘diagram’ or ‘little machine’ is integral to the dissociative, at once polyvocal and polymorphous writing that marks the work of Blanchot and that, in turn, informs the disjunctive – hence critical and productive – operation within the register of Deleuze's writings on cinema. I shall consider a number of Deleuze's ‘keywords’ or recurring formulas as diagrams, that is, as intermediate configurations at once visual and lexical, in order to show how, like rebuses or ideograms, they form collisions and ruptures of voice and graphic form, in order to bring forward the ‘outside’ of thought – what cannot be put into language yet is conveyed in language.

Conley, Tom. "Deleuze and the Filmic Diagram." Schizoanalysis and Visual Culture. Ed. Phillip Roberts. By Richard Rushton. Edinburgh: Edinburgh UP, 2011. 163-76.
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Schizoanalysis and Visual Culture
Conley, Tom