Synaptic Signals: Time Travelling Through the Brain in the Neuro-Image

This essay presents some thoughts on schizoanalysis and visual culture around the proposition that cinema survives in the digital age as a type of image that, after the movement-image and the time-image, could be called the neuro-image. By considering clinical schizophrenia as ‘degree zero’ of schizoanalysis in a more critical sense, a reading of The Butterfly Effect unfolds the temporal dimensions of schizoanalysis as typical for a definition of ‘the neuro-image’. The argument is that the neuro-image speaks from the (always speculative) future.

Pisters, Patricia. "Synaptic Signals: Time Travelling Through the Brain in the Neuro-Image." Schizoanalysis and Visual Culture. Ed. Phillip Roberts. By Richard Rushton. Edinburgh: Edinburgh UP, 2011. 261-74.
Title of Book: 
Schizoanalysis and Visual Cultures
Pisters, Patricia