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Gilles Deleuze: Image and Text

Holland, Eugene W., Smith, Daniel W., and Stivale, Charles J.

Gilles Deleuze: Image and Text focuses on the intersection between Deleuzian philosophy and the arts. Deleuze combined exceptionally rigorous insight into important Western philosophers with an extraordinary sensitivity to literature, music, painting and film. He was intensely interested in the medium of thought, which is by no means limited to philosophy alone: it also takes place in science, mathematics, literature, painting and cinema, to name just some of the genres of thought to which Deleuze most often refers. His own thinking emerged almost as often in conversation with artists and literary writers as in engagement with other philosophers, and his philosophy cannot be fully grasped without an understanding of his engagement with the arts.

Table of Contents

Introduction: Image, Text, Thought, Eugene W. Holland (Ohio State University, USA)

Part I: Text/Literature

1. The Landscape of Sensation, Ronald Bogue (University of Georgia, USA)
2. Bim Bam Bom Bem: 'Beckett's Peephole' as Audio-Visual Rhizome, Colin Gardner (University of California, Santa Barbara, USA)
3. Where Has Gertrud(e) Gone?: Gertrude Stein's Cinematic Journey from Movement-Image to Time-Image, Sarah Posman (Ghent University, Belgium)
4. (Giving) Savings Accounts?, Karen Houle (University of Guelph, Canada)

Part II: Image/Art

5. Sensation: The Earth, A People, Art, Elizabeth Grosz (SUNY, USA)
6. Matisse with Dewey with Deleuze, Eric Alliez (Middlesex University, UK) and Jean-Claude Bonne (l’Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales, Paris, France)
7. Mad Love, Nadine Boljkovac (University of Cambridge, UK)
8. Affective Imagery: Screen Militarism, Felicity Coleman (Manchester Metropolitan University, UK)
9. Hyperconnectivity through Deleuze: Indices of Affect, Jondi Keane (Griffith University, Australia)
10. Deleuze, Guattari, and Contemporary Art, Stephen Zepke (Akademie der bildenden Künste, Vienna, Austria)
11. Why Is Deleuze an Artist-Philosopher?, Julie Kuhlken (Concordia University, USA)

Part III: Philosophy

12. Gilles Deleuze and the Problem of Freedom, Constantin V. Boundas (Trent University, Canada)
13. On Finding Oneself Spinozist: Refuge, Beatitude and the Any-Space-Whatever, Hélène Frichot (RMIT University, Australia)

Holland, Eugene W., Daniel W. Smith, and Charles J. Stivale, eds. Gilles Deleuze: Image and Text. London: Continuum, 2009. Print.