Passions and Actions: Deleuze's Cinematographic Cognito

When writing about cinema does Deleuze have a conception of cinema spectatorship? In New Philosophy for New Media, Mark Hansen argues that Deleuze does have a conception of cinema spectatorship but that the subjectivity central to that spectatorship is weak and impoverished. This article argues against Hansen's reductive interpretation of Deleuze. In doing so, it relies on the three syntheses of time developed in Difference and Repetition alongside an elaboration of Deleuze's notion of a ‘cinematographic Cogito’. In this way, the article offers a way of understanding the processes of cinema spectatorship from a Deleuzian perspective.

Author Name: 
Rushton, Richard
Deleuze Studies
Rushton, Richard. "Passions and Actions: Deleuze's Cinematographic Cognito." Deleuze Studies 2 (2008): 121-39. Print.