Time and the Digital

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Tim Barker

Eschewing the traditional focus on object/viewer spatial relationships, Timothy Scott Barker’s Time and the Digital stresses the role of the temporal in digital art and media. The connectivity of contemporary digital interfaces has not only expanded the relationships between once separate spaces but has increased the complexity of the temporal in nearly unimagined ways. Invoking the process philosophy of Whitehead and Deleuze, Barker strives for nothing less than a new philosophy of time in digital encounters, aesthetics, and interactivity.

Of interest to scholars in the fields of art and media theory and philosophy of technology, as well as new media artists, this study contributes to an understanding of the new temporal experiences emergent in our interactions with digital technologies.

Dartmouth Press: http://www.upne.com/1611682991.html

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“If you want to know how the latest work in philosophy of time taken from Whitehead, Deleuze, and Serres changes everything for media studies and contemporary digital arts, this is the book for you. Barker brings exciting and deeply knowledgeable experience of art and media to the process philosophy of time. Each field comes out enriched and invigorated in this affirmation of events and created times over rigid spaces.”—James Williams, University of Dundee

“Time and the Digital urges us to look at particular digital works, and more generally at the overall paradigm of digital aesthetics, in ways that have not occurred before. In this way, the book makes a significant contribution to our understanding of the aesthetic effects and possibilities of the newer digital media, and of phenomena ranging from the act of consulting an online database to the sense of immersion in computer-generated virtual environments.”—Steven Shaviro, Wayne State University