Untimely Affects: Gilles Deleuze and an Ethics of Cinema

Boljkovac, Nadine

Untimely Affects is an ethical and aesthetic interweaving of Deleuzian philosophy and close film analysis to discern how thought persists productively after the horrors of World War II.

In the first extensive analysis of Chris Marker and Alain Resnais' films, Nadine Boljkovac draws on concepts and images that interrogate 'what we are now living through', in the words of Klossowski's Nietzsche. Mindful of the seen and unseen 'that quicken the heart' (Marker), this book of film-philosophy discerns new and deeply ethical life-affirming possibilities through its weave of cine-philosophy. As such, this book speaks directly to essences of cinema, thought and life through creative untimeliness and the idea of the 'ever new'.

Nadine Boljkovac, Untimely Affects: Gilles Deleuze and an Ethics of Cinema, Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, 2013