Becoming-woman by Breaking the Waves

Exploration of a Deleuzian feminist politics in relattion to Lars von Trier's Breaking the Waves.

EXTRACT -- It is in the cinematic event of the film Breaking the Waves directed by Lars Von Trier that this horizon of active passivity as the new form of horizontaltranscendence will be traced and sketched out; a horizon inhabited andtraversed by the figural becoming-woman-divine that embodies this spiritual vision, anOther perception that allows entry to this other, parallel andco-existing world. I argue that the cinematic persona of Bess incarnates successfully such a becoming as an agent of passive activity - the ignoratniaamans - who transforms action into passion by activating new political forces such as imagination, affectivity and belief.

Author Name: 
Nigianni, Chrysanthi
New Formations
Chrysanthi Nigianni, Becoming-woman by breaking the waves, New Formations, 68, 109-124.