Archival Landscapes and a Non-Anthropocentric 'Universe Memory' in Nostalgia de la luz/Nostalgia for the Light (2010)

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This article analyses Patricio Guzmán’s documentary, Nostalgia de la luz/Nostalgia for the Light (2010). It takes a Deleuzian approach to the film’s exploration of the past, both in terms of the history buried in the ground in Chile’s Atacama Desert, and the connected history of the universe found in the stars above. Nostalgia de la luz is considered a departure from Guzmán’s former emphasis on the national-political, in such seminal documentaries as La batalla de Chile/Battle of Chile (1975). By contrast, his latest film is a meditative exploration of history as a (non-human) memory stored within both the terrestrial and the celestial landscapes. The Deleuzian concepts of the ‘crystal of time’ and the ‘any-space-whatever’ (both influenced by Henri Bergson’s work on the interconnectedness of matter and memory) are used to unlock the film’s non-anthropocentric consideration of the history of the universe.

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Martin-Jones, David
Third Text
David Martin-Jones, 'Archival Landscapes and a Non-Anthropocentric 'Universe Memory in Nostalgia de la luz/Nostalgia for the Light (2010', Third Text, No 125, 27: 6 (2013), pp. 707-722.