Cinema: Journal of Philosophy and the Moving Image - Special Issue

Viegas, Susana (ed)

Online open access special edition of "Cinema" (Volume 6), dedicated to "Gilles Deleuze and Moving Images".

Editorial: Gilles Deleuze and Moving Images" 1-7
Susana Viegas
Abstracts" 8-15
Cinema: The “Counter-Realization” of Philosophical Problems" 17-29
Mirjam Schaub
Visual Effects and Phenomenology of Perceptual Control" 30-51
Jay Lampert
Double-Deleuze: “Intelligent Materialism” Goes to the Movies" 52-72
Bernd Herzogenrath
Bringing the Past into the Present: West of the Tracks as a Deleuzian Time-Image" 73-93
William Brown
Thought-Images and the New as a Rarity: A Reevaluation of the Philosophical Implications
of Deleuze’s Cinema Books" 94-121
Jakob Nilsson
Visions of the Intolerable: Deleuze on Ethical Images" 122-136
Joseph Barker
Artaud Versus Kant: Annihilation of the Imagination in the Deleuze’s Philosophy of Cinema " 137-154
Jurate Baranova
Para Além da Imagem-Cristal: Contributos para a Identificação de uma Terceira Síntese
do Tempo nos Cinemas de Gilles Deleuze! 155-172
Nuno Carvalho