Schizoanalysis and Visual Culture

Roberts, Phillip and Rushton, Richard

Film criticism has always been about more than aesthetics, and by staging an encounter between Deleuze's cinema project and his schizoanalysis work with Félix Guattari this volume attempts to open Deleuze's aesthetic and philosophical analysis of film into spaces that can address his cinema books as a project that is also political, historical, industrial, economic, or cartographic in nature. Cinema no longer exists solely inside the cinematic apparatus - cinema must become television, digital imagery, web broadcast, advertisement; it must become open to a field of moving images and visual culture at large, and this volume opens Deleuze's thought accordingly, inviting a range of leading scholars to question what can be done with Deleuze's cinematic analyses if we are made to think of them as a further study in schizoanalysis.

Table of Contents:

Introduction: Signatures of the Invisible: On Schizoanalysis and Visual Culture, Phillip Roberts
Deleuze and the Filmic Diagram, Tom Conley
Actual Image | Virtual Cut: Schizoanalysis and Montage, Hanjo Berressem
Signs Without Name, Nadine Boljkovac
A Deleuzian Imaginary: The Films of Jean Renoir, Richard Rushton
Synaptic Signals: Time Travelling Through the Brain in the Neuro-Image, Patricia Pisters
Deterritorialisation and Schizoanalysis in David Fincher's Fight Club, William Brown and David H. Fleming

Roberts, Phillip, and Richard Rushton. Schizoanalysis and Visual Culture. Edinburgh: Edinburgh UP, 2011. Print.