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The Brain is the Screen: Deleuze and the Philosophy of Cinema

Flaxman, Gregory, Editor

In the nearly twenty years since their publication, Gilles Deleuze’s books about cinema have proven as daunting as they are enticing—a new aesthetics of film, one equally at home with Henri Bergson and Wim Wenders, Friedrich Nietzsche and Orson Welles, that also takes its place in the philosopher’s immense and difficult oeuvre. With this collection, the first to focus solely and extensively on Deleuze’s cinematic work, the nature and reach of that work finally become clear. Composed of a substantial introduction, twelve original essays produced for this volume, and a new English translation of a personal, intriguing, and little-known interview with Deleuze on his cinema books, The Brain Is the Screen is a sustained engagement with Deleuze’s cinematic philosophy that leads to a new view of the larger confrontation of philosophy with cinematic images.


1. Of Images and Worlds: Toward a Geology of the Cinema JEAN-CLET MARTIN
2. Cinema Year Zero GREGORY FLAXMAN
3. Escape from the Image: Deleuze's Image-Ontology MARTIN SCHWAB
4. The Eye of Montage: Dziga Vertov and Bergsonian Materialism FRANCOIS ZOURABICHVILI

5. The Film History of Thought ANDRAS BALINT KOVACS
6. Into the Breach: Between The. Movement-Image and The Time-Image ANGELO RESTIVO
7. Signs of the Time: Deleuze, Peirce, and the Documentary Image LAURA U.MARKS
8. The Roots of the Nomadic: Gilles Deleuze and the Cinema of West Africa DUDLEY ANDREW

9. Cinema and the Outside GREGG LAMBERT
10. Midday, Midnight: The Emergence of Cine-Thinking ERICALLIEZ
11. The Film Event: From Interval to Interstice TOM CONLEY
12. The Imagination of Immanence: An Ethics of Cinema PETER CANNING AFTER-IMAGE
13. The Brain Is the Screen: An Interview with Gilles Deleuze

Flaxman, Gregory. The Brain Is the Screen: Deleuze and the Philosophy of Cinema. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota, 2000. Print.